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Posted by dmnBrest 582 days ago
How to Customize the Lead Conversion Process in Salesforce.com
The code below can be used (or customized) to efficiently update related records when a lead is converted.
Posted by ArthurLockrem 955 days ago
Bulk attachment, content and document migration using Apex Dataloader
Migrating content (documents, images, pdfs, etc)  from a content management system (CMS), another CRM (Goldmine, ACT, Oracle), or simply from another instance of Salesforce.com to your instance of Salesforce can be painful. There aren't many resources on the web describing how to perform this type of migration, but this post should hopefully help.
Posted by ryansieve 1290 days ago
Preventing focus of first input field and Calendar widget on page load in Salesforce
Sometimes in salesforce visualforce pages, the first input field on the page will automatically be set to focus on page load. This can be very annoying and confusing to a user, sometimes scrolling the page to the far right, halfway down the page, or opening up the calendar widget over your other content by default.
Posted by njohnson818 1339 days ago

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